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Providing Low Risk, High Reward Investment Opportunities

Energycostsaver develops solar PV and wind power facilities in Canada.  Using the advantages of flow through shares, they create lucrative, safe and high return projects for investors.  In addition, they utilize government incentives, which creates tax shelters for their investors.   

Our Numbers

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Solar installed worldwide

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Wind installed worldwide

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Tonnes of GHG reductions

Why Choose Renewable Energy?

Western Canada’s sunny climate and natural wind funneling terrain is ideal for producing solar & wind energy.

Clean, Green Energy

Provide clean and green energy with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Provincial Rebates

Provincial governments provide rebate incentives for commercial and residential solar energy users - reducing business operating expenses and household expenses.


The cost of Solar PV panels are going down and is expected to continue to fall, making the technology both environmentally sustainable and economically sound.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance and operating costs for Solar PV panels in comparison to other renewable energy systems is considered to be low.

Previous Projects

Solar and Wind projects completed around the world


Rooftop Panels


Solar Farm


Solar Farm


Solar Farm

How to Invest in the Limited Partnerships

Restricted to Accredited Investors Only
Participation in the Solar Flow-Through Funds offerings is restricted to Accredited Investors only, as defined by the securities laws of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

*All Numbers Include Installations From Our JV Partner NanoPV


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