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We are the leading supplier of bi-facial solar panels in Canada. Our installers are trained in commercial, industrial and ground mount applications.

Why Bi-Facial Solar Panels?

Bi-facial solar panels look the same as regular solar panels, but the difference is huge. As you know when the sunlight strikes the top of the solar panel it generates electricity. So, what makes a bi-facial solar panel different?

Bi-facial solar panels have glass on top and bottom instead of just the top. You may wonder, if the underside gets no sun how it is possible to for it to produce electricity. It works when the sun hits the ground and reflects onto the underside to produce more energy. Not the full effect but enough to make a difference. The key of course is the reflection. Dirt, grass, and gravel do not reflect very well.

The solution, snow, white sheets, white paper in fact any white material. Except for white material we have developed, none of the afore mentioned are very practical. There is a solution however and we have it. If you are thinking, they must be more expensive than the typical one-sided panel, well yes, they are, but the slight increase is more than offset by up to 30% more power they generate. Increased power is not the only benefit. The tempered double glass makes them more robust because they are frameless there is a saving on the installation costs. They also carry a 30-year warranty, five years longer than traditional solar panels. Although they are relatively new to the solar market, they are the fastest growing segment.

Why Choose NanoPV Solar Panels?

Western Canada’s sunny climate is ideal for producing solar energy.

Clean, Green Energy

Provide clean and green energy with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


The cost of Solar PV panels are going down and is expected to continue to fall, making the technology both environmentally sustainable and economically sound.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance and operating costs for Solar PV panels in comparison to other renewable energy systems is considered to be low.

The government of Canada is offering incentive programmes to encourage businesses to use solar energy. Find out how the incentives and the energy savings will pay for your system.

Previous Projects using NanoPV solar panels around the world

Previous Projects using NanoPV solar panels around the world


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Solar Farm


Solar Farm


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