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My Business is Solar Energy, But I Love Oil & Gas

I believe that solar energy is the future, it will power our homes, our businesses and our transportation. It is getting cheaper and more efficient. It is hard to believe when I first saw solar roof tops in Arizona in 2009, that I would one day be installing them in Alberta and at a fraction of the cost. 

So why do I love Oil and Gas. First because I am an Albertan and all the people I know and love, make their living directly or indirectly in the Oil and Gas business.

Secondly, I believe alternative energy and fossil fuels will co-exist for many years to come, there is simply nothing to replace fossil fuels in the immediate future.  

Albertans are hard working decent people who have been the engine for what we recognize as the Canadian dream for a very long time.

It saddens me to see the Oil and Gas business demonized by the many who not only benefit greatly from the wealth it generates but who also could not survive without its life-giving benefits.

If you drive a car, use electricity, heat your home, fly, drink clean water, buy your food in the supermarket you should know only 2% is made possible from renewable energy. It will be many years before oil and gas is replaced by renewables or whatever comes next.  

Without Oil and Gas, life as we know it would end, all the aforementioned would cease to exist. 

I am not a conspiracy theorist; I don’t believe that Americans are trying to shut down our oil and gas industry, we are their largest and most reliable supplier. I don’t think all environmentalists want to see the end to Canadian production. It is my belief however despite our stellar record of environmental stewardship we have been singled out because we are the easy target and many opponents do not understand the risks of what they are demanding. 

We have yet to see blockades in the world’s dirtiest producing countries, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Iran, Iraq and a host of smaller countries many of which supply Canada. The reason is obvious, dissent is only allowed in democratic countries.  

Is it not self evident, if our Canadian oil and gas business  were to be shut down, the 4,550,000 barrels of oil per day we produce would be coming from the dirtiest producers? The $20,000,000 per year equalization payments Alberta sends to Ottawa to be shared by most provinces would end. Not one barrel of oil would be eliminated, only the cleanest source.

We cannot impose our high environmental standards on other producers, but we could level the playing field by imposing a carbon tax on all oil coming into Canada from the previously mentioned producers. If we must have a carbon tax, this is where you should direct your energies because Canadian producers are your friend not the dirty foreign producers.

Why Choose NanoPV Solar Panels?

Western Canada’s sunny climate is ideal for producing solar energy.

Clean, Green Energy

Provide clean and green energy with no harmful greenhouse gas emissions.


The cost of Solar PV panels are going down and is expected to continue to fall, making the technology both environmentally sustainable and economically sound.

Low Maintenance

Maintenance and operating costs for Solar PV panels in comparison to other renewable energy systems is considered to be low.

The government of Canada is offering incentive programmes to encourage businesses to use solar energy. Find out how the incentives and the energy savings will pay for your system.

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