Are you tired of giving your hard earned money to the government every year?  If so, this is your opportunity to save that money, and invest it into a life-long money making system!

Allow us to create an investment free strategy that will bring you annual returns, with minimal risk!

How does this work?

A tax shelter is a way to minimize the amount of taxes you pay on your income tax.  

The tax shelters that we are offering, come in the form of tax credits, or reductions on your personal income tax, that are awarded in the same year that the investment is incurred.  

With the governments aggressive approach to reduce Green House Gas emissions in the upcoming years, incentives for Renewable Energy investments have never been higher, making it incredibly lucrative.

Utilizing Tax Act 43.2 as well as Energycostsavers unique business structure, the government has made it possible to write-off 100% of your investment into one of our solar projects on your taxable income.

Allow me to provide a basic example for you;

If you were to invest $100,000 into a solar project that Energycostsaver installs, instead of you having to give all that $100,000 to the government through taxes, you can instead reduce your taxable income, and place that extra money into an asset that will produce you safe returns.  

Instead of losing that money to the government, you will receive thousands of dollars through the sale of energy as well as your ownership in the asset. 

So if you are a high income earner, and see annual taxes exceeding $100,000 contact us today so we can place your money into a secure asset, at a minimal cost to you!



Low Risk, High Reward Investing Strategy
Energycostsaver Inc. has created a unique investment strategy for Canadian Accredited Investors. The funds that we raise, we use to put together large scale wind and solar project, that meet the criteria described in 43.2 of the tax act.  With that, each investor is able to reimburse a portion of their investments within the first year, through tax savings.  Investors also secure a portion of the profits generated from the project, paid through dividends, o the sale of the asset.


Project Development
EnergyCostSaver Inc. specializes in developing 3 Megawatt systems.  This is the equilibrium point in which using our unique investing strategy, all members of the limited partnership will maximize their returns.  We also develop larger scale systems, however, 3 Megawatts is the most feasible while maximizing government incentives, rebates and tax shelters.


Funding Structure
Energycostsaver Inc’s Limited Partners’ investments make up 100% of the capital costs of each project we fund. Some of these expenses are expected to qualify as Canadian Renewable Conservation Expenses (CRCE).  While some can be written off on taxes as a capital cost allowance.  The common shares of the Subsidiary Companies purchased by the Partnership are expected to constitute “flow-through shares” for the purposes of the Tax Act.  Investors will achieve the benefits of tax write-offs, as well as own an equity stake in the facility.  Investors will be paid in dividends, accordingly or through the sale of their shares.

How to Invest in the Limited Partnerships

Restricted to Accredited Investors Only
Participation in the Solar Flow-Through Funds offerings is restricted to Accredited Investors only, as defined by the securities laws of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.


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