There are many benefits to using solar energy and one of them is the cost savings. In Western Canada, Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan all offer incentives to commercial building owners and residents who install Solar PV Panels. Find out what you are eligible for in the way of solar energy incentives. Save money and contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

Government of Alberta 100% tax write off

What incentives does Alberta offer for renewable energy installation?

Under Alberta’s Micro-Generation Regulation, consumers may produce up to 5MW of their own electricity. Any excess electricity may then be sold to the grid at market or retail prices, depending on the consumer’s needs. Energy Efficiency Alberta provides incentives through the RCSP for renewable generation of $0.75W to reduce installation and maintenance costs for residential and commercial customers.

Once your solar installation has been completed, a bi-directional meter will be installed on your home by your energy retailer at no cost which allows you to import electricity to and from the grid. As Alberta’s energy retail market is de-regulated, residential customers can find a retailer that may be willing to purchase their solar power in the summer months for more than the retailer will sell it back to them during the winter.

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The Town of Banff encourages residential property owners to install solar photovoltaic systems to produce renewable electricity. This program is funded by the environmental reserve, which in turn is generated through a franchise fee that the electrical utility pays to use the space under Banff’s streets to run its wires for providing electricity.


In 2018, eight solar incentives of $1,250 were made available to businesses and residents to help offset the cost of purchasing and installing a solar electric system in the Town of Canmore. 


If you reside on a farm, and have the appropriate Distribution Rate Class for Farms, you are eligible to receive funding.

The incentives are as follows:

  • For systems ≤ 100W, you will receive $0.75/W to a maximum of 35 percent of eligible cost share
  • For systems 100.01kW-150kW, you will receive $0.56/W to a maximum of 27 percent of eligible cost share


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Participation in the Solar Flow-Through Funds offerings is restricted to Accredited Investors only, as defined by the securities laws of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland.

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