Solar Panels

Every day, in every corner of the planet, more and more people are embracing sustainable energy. Striving for carbon neutrality. Going green. In the midst of it all, the solar power industry is being revolutionized. EnergyCostSaver Inc’s partner NanoPV has created today’s most advanced,lowest-cost modules;

And now we’re making these modules available – along with our proven expertise – for use on solar farms. It’s an idea whose time has come and it’s the smart, rewarding way to answer the world’s growing demand for sustainable power.

Nano-PV Solar Panels

Energycostsaver Inc, is the exclusive Canadian distributor for NanoPV solar panels.

NanoPV Solar panels possess one of the highest energy yields in the industry. Backed up with high quality and all international certifications for standards and safety, the panels offer the highest reliability and cost effective solution for any solar applications. Our standard size of the solar panel corresponds to the size of various building standards and it is perfectly sized for the easy installation and reduced installation cost. In addition to the standard product, solar panels with various sizes and various output power, voltage and currents are available to fit any PV application, or solar array system.

The most cost-effective solar panels on the market in Western Canada.​

Thin Film Advantages

Crystalline Si Solar Advantages

Advanced Tech

Thin film solar technology is the fastest growing segment of the solar energy market, and NanoPV is at the forefront of this important trend. Thoroughly tested and perfected in the lab for more than a decade, their patented production methods have recently been hailed as a “breakthrough in the field”. What has the critics so impressed? Primarily, it’s their lowest in- the-industry production cost. But they've also achieved new heights in reliability, low-light performance, and operating temperature range. The result is a thin film solar module that finally delivers a viable alternative to traditional crystalline silicon technology.

The NanoPV solar panels now represent the state of the art in photovoltaics. Using their proprietary thin film process, EnergyCostSaver Inc has reduced raw material usage down to 1/300th of what’s required for traditional solar cells. No need to use large amounts of expensive materials. No need for costly, time-consuming slicing of wafers. Clearly, the impact on production costs is staggering.

Low Cost - High Efficiency

Nanopv Solar has secured a proprietary line of high quality, low cost polycrystalline panels. These modules are produced using the latest equipment and processes, and our manufacturing partner has secured an exclusive supply of extremely high quality polycrystalline silicon.

The high efficiency of Nanopv’s polycrystalline modules reduces balance-of-system costs: framing, installation labor, and maintenance. Nanopv’s streamlined design and installation techniques make mounting simple and quick. Our polycrystalline panels are particularly well suited to sites with limited space and lower year round temperatures.

Nanopv’s polycrystalline panels are the new standard for efficiency and affordability. The polycrystalline cells used in our modules pair the high efficiency of mono-crystalline modules with the cost effectiveness of polycrystalline cell generation.

Energy Production

On average,a 1MW solar farm operating continuously with Nanopv Solar technology could provide all the power needed for 800 homes for a year. Demand for green power has never been higher. Certain utilities are required to purchase the electricity you generate in excess of your needs. Ideally suited for your company, organization, municipality or investment group, this could very well be the world’s most lucrative farm.

More than 20,000 solar modules are required for a 1 MWp solar farm, and arranging them requires a very specific and thorough understanding. Our experienced engineers have unparalleled knowledge of solar farms in general, as well as the performance characteristics of the particular modules that will make up the farm. We’ll design a site-specific layout to ensure optimal production in all environments and geographic conditions. As soon as site plans are submitted, we work quickly to get construction planning underway.

Install Anywhere

Our two distinct PV lines can accommodate any and all settings:

Nanopv Solar’s Polycrystalline panels use top grade cells to deliver maximum energy on a minimal footprint. These modules are designed for a customer with limited space or anyone trying to get the most wattage out of a given surface. Nanopv Solar and its dedicated partners have also worked hard to reduce balance of system costs, keeping our polycrystalline systems cost effective even for very large commercial or open field installations.

Thin Film technology offers some unique and exciting advantages as well. The relatively low efficiency of thin film modules makes them impossible to install when a site has major space constraints, however, most commercial, industrial, and residential rooftops have plenty of space for a thin film installation. Thin film panels produce more energy in low light and high temperatures, yielding more kWh per kW than crystalline cells. The panels also cost significantly less, keeping total system cost extremely low.


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